• Gianmarco Marinello

    Everything I do, is based on Humour, Empathy and Justice.

    I am a Social Entrepreneur for Youth Development, a Project Manager in the financial sector, a Career Development Coach and a passionate Classical Pianist.


    I have 7 years of professional experience in the private & social sector in Switzerland, Kenya, South Africa and Poland.


    I hold a Master's degree in Psychology and a Post-graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management.

  • Social Entrepreneur

    I believe in a world where the youth have opportunities

    to grow their talents and use them to improve their livelihoods.


    Kenya & South Africa

    I help disadvantaged youth in African slums to detect their spark, enlighten their fire and guide their energy towards achieving their dreams, self-created goals and new opportunities.


    Besides running a Social Enterprise, I work for youth development organisations in informal settlements in Kenya and South Africa, where I develop and implement innovative youth projects and help organisations grow.


    Co-founder & CEO of Nai Nami Tours

    Co-founder and CEO of Nai Nami Tours, a social enterprise in Nairobi that employs disadvantaged youth from the slums to help them earn a regular income while getting exposure to role models.


    PGC in Social Innovation Management

    Amani Institute - Kenya | 2016 -2017

    A field-based program in Social Innovation Management, teaching international students on Leadership, Communication, Entrepreneurship & Management, Creativity & Problem-Solving in the social sector by international experts in the respective field.

  • Project Manager

    After having graduated in Psychology, I started a career in the private sector

    to acquire a broad skillset while working in various roles.


    Switzerland & Poland

    Solving challenging problems in a multicultural environment is my passion. I am a project manager for large corporates in the financial sector, where I conduct rigorous research, interact with stakeholders, analyse data, structure the insights, develop strategic and creative solutions and recommend them to the management.


    AAA-Rating by McKinsey consultants

    Trained under McKinsey consultants on high-quality results delivery while working for a Swiss bank and was awarded the highest possible score.

  • Coach & Psychology

    Due to my huge interest in human behaviour and

    people in general, I studied Psychology.


    I have the ability to adapt to diverse social situations by connecting to any type of person, making everybody comfortable with me and building strong relationships.


    With the aim of guiding people to a successful path, I coach and train them on various topics like; finding purpose, future career and how to find employment.


    Ambassadors of Change

    Coaching and mentoring Sibablwe Mkungela, a young man from the South African Khayelitsha slum, who as a result founded Ambassadors of Change, an award-winning youth development organisation.


    BSc. & MSc. in Psychology

    University of Basel - Switzerland | 2005 - 2011

  • Pianist & Self-Reflector

    I enjoy solitude while spending time on my long-term hobbies.


    Taking time to reflect and work on personal growth, I focus on self-actualization by following long-term hobbies like classical music and nature.


    I am a passionate piano player on concert level, a patient fisherman, and a self-reflecting Yogi.


    Grieg Piano Concerto in a-Minor

    Playing the piano for 23 years, I mastered and performed the Grieg Piano Concerto in a-Minor several times.

  • What I offer

    My strengths are connecting to & coaching people, analytical problem-solving and creativity.

    Analytical skills

    Project Management

    • Strategic problem-solving
    • Research & Analysis
    • Concept development
    • Stakeholder Management
    • Presentation

    People skills

    Coaching & Mentoring

    • Career Development
    • Detecting Passion & Skills
    • CV Review & Interview Training
    • Storytelling & Pitching
    • Leadership & Soft Skills Training

    Customer Relationship

    Sales & Networking

    Creative skills

    Innovation & Design Thinking


    Teaching piano


    Social Entrepreneurship

    Youth Development


    Human Resources

    Classical Music

  • Private Sector Experience

    Humour & resilience helped me to adapt quickly to new environments.

    Business Development Manager

    Clean-energy Stove Manufacturer


    Sep 2017 - current

    I push the sales volume of the new clean-energy firewood stove Kuniokoa by identifying new sales channels, finding new distributors, introduce it to new market segments, planing marketing campaigns and training sales staff

    HR Recruiter | Management Support

    Swiss Bank

    Switzerland & Poland

    May 2015 - July 2016

    I recruited staff across all hierarchies and consulted line managers. I did strategic analyses and presentations for the management and trained staff in Poland to ensure transfer of off-shored operations services.

    Business Analyst

    reporting to COO

    Metal Recycling & Trading Switzerland

    May 2014 - Feb 2015

    I did quantitative and strategic analyses, like financial analysis of economic efficiency of investment requests and monthly preparation of the Group‘s business reporting, and presented the results in the management meetings.

    Strategy Consultant | Business Development

    Swiss Bank


    Apr 2013 - Apr 2014

    I did quantitative and strategic analysis of revenue, products, client segments, market share to increase revenue, profitability and capital efficiency of various departments and I presented the results to the senior management.

    Account Manager for Institutional Clients

    Swiss Bank


    Apr 2013 - Apr 2014

    I handled institutional clients in securities administration and settlement. and I supported the management by creating KPI reports, income statements and client revenue analysis.

    Management Support for Head of Human Resources



    Apr 2013 - Apr 2014

    I analysed the overall personnel expenses to develop measures for the executive board concerning cost reduction. I also developed and implemented executive board-reports to track progress of implemented measures.

    Car Cleaner &

    Customer Care

    Car Wash


    Sep 2004 - Aug 2010

    I washed cars to finance my studies

  • Social Sector Experience

    Youth development in African informal settlements is my passion.

    Co-Founder & CEO

    Social Enterprise for Youth Development

    Kenya, Nairobi

    Nov 2016 - current

    Our goal is to hire disadvantaged youth from slums to help them earn a regular income, while giving them exposure to role models form all over the world. We do this by offering personal off-the beaten-path Nairobi Downtown Tours to tourists, guided by unemployed youth, who grew up in the streets.

    Business Development Manager

    Youth Development Organisation in Mathare slum Kenya, Nairobi

    Aug 2016 - Dec 2016

    I transformed the charity-driven Vizazi Foundation into an financially sustainable social enterprise by develping a new branding strategy and professionalizing the collaborations with community-based organisations.

    Project Manager

    Youth Development Organisation in Khayelitsha South Africa, Cape Town

    Feb 2015 - May 2015

    I develped new projects for the youth, like the recording of an audio CD with their songs. I trained youth, facilited youth development sessions and organised a camp for them.

    Mentor of a Social Entrepreneur

    Private Mentoring

    South Africa, Khayelitsha

    Dec 2015 - Feb 2017

    I coached and mentored a young man from the South African Khayelitsha slum, who as a result founded the award-winning organisation Ambassadors of Change.

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